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Lisa Poursine: Deposition Tips

May 26, 2013
Associate attorney Lisa Poursine maintains responsibility for multiple aspects of practice at the Law Office of Bohdan Neswiacheny in Florida. In the past, Lisa Poursine’s work has included taking and defending depositions for litigation in federal and state employment matters.

Depositions are one way that parties in a lawsuit conduct formal investigations to discover pertinent information about a case once a suit has been brought. In a deposition, a witness gives an oral statement while under oath prior to the trial. Depositions are used to record the testimony of witnesses and to inform the parties of what each witness knows before the trial begins.

When taking depositions, lawyers should keep the specific purpose of the deposition in mind. Inexperienced litigators sometimes rely too heavily on a question outline rather than following the witness’ answers, or get sidetracked by arguing with opposing counsel. During a deposition, ask whether the witness has testified in any previous trials, and whether the opposing attorney during the deposition is representing the witness. It is also good to inquire into any other forms of discovery.


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